Zinc-Aluminum Alloys


ZA 8, 12 and 27 are a family of high performance zinc aluminum alloys that offer designers, specifiers and engineers superior properties, performance and cost effectiveness. ZA alloys should be considered as a viable alternative to aluminum, brass, bronze and iron.

ZA alloys have developed extensive field acceptance in applications requiring strength, hardness, bearing and wear properties and cost effectiveness.

Compared with Iron: ZA alloys produce castings having superior detail, closer tolerances, thinner sections and better surface finish. ZA castings are not prone to residual stresses, warping, or hardspotting. They have excellent machinability with low tool wear and require no protective plating or galvanizing. ZA8 and 12 are approved as antisparking which allows their use in electrical and mechanical fitting in explosion proof environments. Their ease in handling in non-ferrous foundries offers faster delivery times and the ability to manufacture short runs.

Compared with Aluminum: ZA alloys can substitute for aluminum where low strength, galling, poor wear resistance, poor impact properties or pressure tightness are problems. ZA alloys do not require hard anodizing, heat treatment or impregnation. The alloys machine similarly to aluminum but at speeds and feed rates approaching free machining brass. 

Compared with Bronze: ZA foundry alloys offer viable alternatives to bronzes for corrosion resistance, bearing and wear properties and strength. These materials possess good corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions, various aqueous solutions and petroleum products.
Under normal weathering, ZA alloys develop an attractive gray patina; they may also be polished, lacquered, chromated, painted or plated depending on service requirements. ZA alloys are becoming increasingly specified as a substitute for SAE 660 and 64 bearing bronzes. Their unique combination of strength and hardness is yielding high wear resistance and long service life at significantly lower cost.

ZA12 is the first choice as a substitute for aluminum, bronze and iron. ZA12 has a high degree of pressure tightness, bearing and wear properties, dimensional stability and machinability. The alloy is easily polished, painted and plated.
ZA27 is an ultra high performance engineering alloy having excellent strength, elongation, bearing and wear properties and machinability. The alloy is first choice for stressed service at temperatures up to 150 deg. C. ZA27 is an outstanding substitute for bronze in bearing and wear requirements, offering superior service life and lower weight with good cost effectiveness.


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