"WHEELWRIGHTING, A MODERN INTRODUCTION", by Bruce and Joyce Morrison, A general reference book accessible to beginners, while at the same time, challenging to intermediate level wheelwrights. Spiral bound, 9"x11", 380 pages including 147 drawings & 230 photos.

$42.00/ea  Catalog: #003

"Wheels, Wheels, Wagons & More", by Mel DeWitt, has all the information you need to build better wheels. Written by a wheelwright - used as a text by wheelwright schools! There are charts, pictures and drawings that show and explain tools, stagecoach gear and more. Paperback, 9"x11", 106 pages.

$18.00/ea  Catalog: #001

"A Historical Guide to Wagon Hardware & Blacksmith Supplies." This is a reprint (not a Xerox copy) of selected pages from the 1909, George Worthington catalog, edited by Towana Spivey. Everyone in the buggy business should have this book for a reference. Mr. Spivey included the 1909 prices that will bring tears to your eyes. Paperback, 9"x11", 200 pages.

$18.00/ea  Catalog: #002



Manuals and Instructional Sheets

Documents are presented in two formats, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.  To download Adobe Acrobat Reader follow this link: 


Adjustable Tenon Cutter:  Microsoft Word (1.2 MB)  Adobe PDF (400 KB)

Non-Adjustable Tenon Cutter:  Microsoft Word (200 KB)  Adobe PDF (100 KB)



Trade Groups


The Western Canadian Wheelwright Association is a worthwhile organization to join. They publish a quarterly newsletter that will help you to keep informed. If you are into "Buggies", "Wagons", and good company, the cost of membership is $30.00 per year. The address is Fred Finley, 138 Oakmoor Place, S. W., Calgary, AB T2V 4A3 email:

The Buggy Builders Bulletin

Another worthwhile trade journal that helps preserve the craftsmanship of wagons and buggies. It is published six times per year, and always has interesting how-to articles in each issue. The BBB is a good place to advertise your products. Everette Burkholder Buggy Builder's Bulletin, 2645 Ottobine Road, Dayton, VA 22821. Phone: (540) 879-9260

Wheelwright Courses

Held once a year in January,

Held periodically, contact Dave, 
10348 16th St SW

(701) 573-4682



Other Resources

Fraser School of Driving

Experience the Thrill of Driving Horses! Enjoy a Learning Vacation under the Big Sky of Montana at the Fraser School of Driving. Become the safe, relaxed, and confident driver your horse will appreciate. It is important to learn some basics of driving horses so you can understand what the driven horse needs and expects from you. With the proper skills you can develop better communication with your horses, be more comfortable with the lines or reins, be a confident, competent and a safer driver. Safety is paramount for you, your family, your horses and the general public.


Wild Horse Books and Art

Wild Horse Books & Art is the world's largest provider of books and plans for building or identifying horse drawn vehicles to include the carriage, cart, wagon, buggy, sleigh and the stage coach; also books on training and driving draft horses, mules and carriage horses; kids books; Model vehicle kits; books for building model carriages and more.



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